Chatbot vs. Email Marketing: Which Platform is Ideal to Expand Your Business?

Chatbot vs. Email Marketing Which Platform is Ideal to Expand Your Business

We all know how important it is to connect with the audience when you run a business. If you are one of those who are finding an effective way to communicate with your customers, we are here for you. This method will help you provide valuable information, give rapid responses, and change leads into clients.

Choosing from a bunch of options can be overwhelming, so we have just two options for you i.e., Chatbots and emails. Moreover, we will assist you in determining which one will be the best for your business.

The easiest way to pick from the two options is to consider the benefits these platforms offer.

Benefits of Chatbot

Let’s start by discussing the advantages of a Chatbot. In different situations, we all come across a chatbot. Whether you have queries regarding the order or want to communicate with the concerned authorities, it seamlessly guides you. Today, you will learn how useful it can be for your business.

1. Increases Conversions

It is a proven fact that chatbot marketing is great for increasing sales. From a survey, it was evident that online stores with an abandoned cart chatbot had a ten to twenty percent increase in revenue. It is indeed an excellent way of engaging with these leads via chatbots. Not only that, it gives an opportunity to a brand to increase their sales and recover the sales that were lost.

In addition to that, more than 50% of businesses that utilize chatbots generate more qualified leads. When you are able to grab the attention of more qualified leads, it will become easier for you to earn conversions.

2. Quick Response

In this fast-moving world, nobody likes to wait to get an answer. We all expect people to give a rapid reply to questions. Especially, when you have basic queries like how much time they take for shipping your parcel or at what time does a store opens. It becomes really exhausting when you have to wait hours to get a simple response.

Apart from that, it discourages the customers, and they end up feeling unwelcomed. As a consequence, they turn away from your business. For these situations, a chatbot is perfect. That is because they give you simple answers instantly.

As Chatbots offer fast responses to the typical questions, customers get information and are encouraged to purchase. Plus, it ensures a satisfactory customer service experience.

By enhancing the customer experience on your website, you can improve your SEO rankings too. When customers visit your website, they have things to ask related to a product or service. That is when having a chatbot is an intelligent idea. To give you a better perspective, we are happy to guide you on any digital marketing strategy as the leading SEO company in Pakistan.

3. Desirable Option

Rather than having a conversation on emails, people like to interact with the chatbots. Consequently, it will translate into more conversions because people feel free to ask them a question.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Needless to say, social media in Pakistan has much to do to spread the word about a business. From social media, we often put our email accounts on different sites. Thus, email marketing is useful for various types of businesses.

1. People Check Their Inbox Frequently

Nowadays, we all have applications installed on our phones. That is the reason why we keep checking our messages and emails whenever we get the time. Therefore, emails are a great way of reaching customers.

2. Accessibility and Opportunities

Out of 5 people, four have an email account making it a bigger platform to approach your audience. Not to outdone, an impressive subject line can make them click through your site.

There are thousands of ways to design the kind of emails that your subscribers would like to open. You can use bright colored GIFs or interactive images to make your emails catchy.

3. Shareability

We often send emails with mind-blowing deals to our friends and family. In that manner, on this platform, your email will get forwarded to the interested parties. And, in no time, you can increase your sales and subscribers.

4. Better Return On Investment

This is the area where chatbots fall short. Email marketing guarantees a great return on investment. This is the method where you get more than what you invest. If you spend $1 on your email marketing campaign, you can get approximately $44 in return.

Last Words

Both of these platforms serve somewhat the same purpose. According to the kind of business you own, you can use these strategies. Remember, the top-class digital marketing services in Pakistan can help you create several touchpoints for your leads. That is why it is better to save you time and energy by contacting the best marketing services.