What Makes Backlinks Significant for SEO and How Can You Earn Them?

What Makes Backlinks Significant for SEO and How Can You Earn Them?

To understand the importance of backlinks, you need to think of a situation. Bill needs to research a topic to complete his school assignment. For that, he reads an article in a newspaper. Naturally, he is having doubts about the authenticity of the information. However, after reading an academic book on the topic, he notices that the book has mentioned the newspaper article as a reference. Due to this, now he fully trusts the article.

When we say that a website has earned backlinks for its content, it is similar to the situation we discussed earlier. Fundamentally, Backlinks are an amazing tool for search engine optimization that your organization must utilize.

You must be thinking about what are backlinks and why are they important for SEO? Don’t worry! We have all the answers. Without further delay, let’s move on to the article.

What is the Simple Definition of Backlinks?

Basically, these are the type of links that take a prospect to your website from another site. To put it simply, these links are not available on your website. Instead, from other platforms on the internet, they lead the audience to your website.

For instance, you go on a website to get material on a specific subject. After visiting a website and reading the whole article there, you’re still uncertain if it is a trustworthy source or not. With this thought in mind, you leave that site and go to another website.

On that site, you see that this site has cited the name of the previous website as a source. There are high chances that after looking at the citation, you will think that the latter site was reliable.

Similarly, backlinks are beneficial for gaining trust and recognition online. With the correct SEO services, your website seeks backlinks to earn eminence in the market.

What Makes Backlinks Significant For SEO?

Mainly, due to three factors, backlinks are important for SEO. They work in combination to boost your SEO. These three attributes are written below:

1. Grow Your Audience

Every website has its own audience. So, it is beneficial to have the link to your website on different sites. When such sites add a link to your website in their content, you get introduced to a new audience.

When people read content on any site, a majority of them follow the link to get more knowledge on the topic. That is exactly what will lead them right to your website, making them a new customer.

2. Increase Your Credibility

It is not necessary that everyone who sees your site will know that you have backlinks. When people who are aware of your brand find a link to you from some other website, it can bolster their trust in your brand.

When your website starts gathering backlinks from dependable and popular names in the market, it portrays an image in people’s minds that your business is also well-established. This may look like a tough task, but fortunately, with a professional digital marketing service, you can easily gain trust from the audience.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you can get backlinks from high-end companies. For instance, if your company sells beverages, earning a link from Pepsi would be great, but it is almost impossible.

3. To Boost Your Rankings

If you are thinking that only the audience gets affected by your backlink profile, that’s not true. When your site crawls the google ranking, the authorities pay attention to the inbound links that your website has. These links play a huge role in deciding the rank of your site in search results.

If Google notices that a famous site in the industry is linking to your content, it will count you in one of the reputable sites. Consequently, it increases your rank. Note that, it doesn’t mean that the rank of your site will crawl in the top three overnight. Definitely, it is going to take time to climb higher.

Despite that, by hiring a digital marketing company in Pakistan, you can make sure that everything is going your way.

Ways to Earn Backlinks

There are multiple options that can help you earn backlinks. We will tell you the most common methods.

1. Look through Your Favorite Sites

If you have an ideal site in mind from where you can take advantage, you can search for broken links. If you are able to find any of them, you can request the site to swap those links with new links to you.

2. Keep an Eye on Google Alerts

Allow Google to notify you when any website mentions your organization. If that site is mentioning you without inserting your link, you can ask them to insert a link.


Increasing your sales with SEO is not as easy as you think. Hence, you must take help from the best digital marketing service for the growth of your business.